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Learn more about Ployon and its role in improving communication and collaboration within the maritime industry. Discover how Ployon facilitates dialogue among vessel manufacturers, component manufacturers, and vessel owners/operators, while providing value-added processes and expert advice on maintenance programs. 


Maintenance Software

Designed with vessel operators, shipbuilders and OEMs in mind. Ployon's revolutionary new software uses all new technologies like Blockchain to ensure security and efficiency.

Streamlined Data Model

Ployon utilises a standardised model and process rigour for communication and data rigour. This technology enables real-time access, seamless data integration, and efficient communication channels, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness and scalability

Democratised Data

Democratised Transactional Data promotes transparency, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making throughout the organisation, enabling individuals at all levels to contribute to continuous improvement efforts.

Partnership opportunities

Ployon assists with partnering customers within the maritime industry to shape the Master Data Governance Board and industry standard.


Improved Communication

At Ployon, we aim to improve communication and data sharing amongst vessel operators, shipbuilders and OEMs. This is all done via a range of new and emerging technologies.

Digital Maintenance Record

Ployon employs a standardised model for process rigour in maintenance activities involving establishing consistent and structured procedures for managing maintenance processes in the maritime technology industry.

Real Time Updates

Designed with democratisation of transactional data in mind, this approach allows stakeholders, including maintenance technicians, engineers, managers, and even data analysts, to explore the transactional data related to failures and maintenance events

Shaping the Industry

Ployon and our software have the potential to help shape the Industry and the exchange of data between industry partners.

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